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Give your lungs the support they need

Updated: Aug 1

Tight lungs? Allergies? Seasonal cold or flu?

Treat yourself to a Nourish CBD experience…


-Drop a Grande 60 mg CBD Deep Breath bath bomb into your perfectly prepared bath water. Enjoy the fizz, allow the water to become saturated with all the plant goodness seeping out of the bath bomb

-Go on, get in! Appreciate the moisture and replenishment you have taken the time to give your body

-The essential oil blend in this bath bomb will ease your tight lungs, influencing opening and relief to the sinuses and lungs. Try making your exhale and inhale the same length, basking in the beautiful scent that is helping your body heal. Submerge your body and just chill.

-Following your warm, delicious bath, massage Nourish’s Respiratory Vapor Salve onto the chest, back of the neck, occipital region and temples

-Breath deeply, exhaling all the stale air in your lungs and allow the cooling effects of organic menthol and craftfully blended essential oils open your lungs and allow for more oxygen to enter and replenish your body.

Repeat this ritual as needed to get rid of stagnation in the lungs, boost your immune system, and bring relief to the congestion in your chest

Check out Nourish’s Respiratory kit for all products needed to recreate this experience, it will be your match made in heaven

**None of the above properties are from CBD directly but from the other ingredients incorporated into this bath bomb

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