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Got Covid?

Updated: Aug 1

Have you or a loved one caught covid since the holidays?

Nourish’s respiratory kit is here to HELP! This kit will be a huge life line if you are in the midst of being sick (it’s also great for allergy season which is right around the corner folks)

The kit contains a 60 mg CBD Deep Breath Bath Bomb, and one Respiratory Vapor Salve.

I recommend to indulge in the CBD Deep Breath Bath first, and follow it with an application of the Respiratory Vapor Salve to the temples, occipital region of the back of the head, and the front and back of the chest.

A CBD bath is a divine option while you are sick. The warm water is soothing, the bath bomb contains moisturizing oils and butters to make your skin soft and rejuvenated, the essential oils mixed with steam from the bath begin opening the sinuses and preparing for the use of the Respiratory Vapor Salve.

What does the Respiratory Vapor Salve do?

✔️Eases chest pain and congestion

✔️Decreases Body and head aches

✔️Opens up the respiratory track and sinuses allowing the area to clear and heal

✔️Provides a cooling sensation to relieve heaviness in the chest and head

✔️Eases coughing

✔️A Simple but powerful EO blend allows more oxygen to enter your lungs

✔️and so much more

**All benefits mentioned above are not from CBD but from the other ingredients present

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