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LATIN NAME: Citrus Limon

FAMILY: Rutaceae

Lemon is very well known. We use it for all kinds of dishes, drinks, self care and so much more. It is unknown if the Lemon tree was first identified in India or China. Lemon has been used in Holistic Healing for over 1000 years. It has a delicious aroma that is sweet, refreshing and clean. This inviting scent has been a favorite for aromatherapy for an incredibly long time. Lemon, along with all citrus is a powerful antioxidant, energy and mood booster. It supports metabolism and the Lymphatic system. Lemon also increases concentration, focus and is a great de-stressor.

Lemon is phenomenal for the skin. It increases collagen production and regulates oily skin. Lemon also gently exfoliates, clarifies and purifies the skin. It tightens skin and closes pores to help avoid bacteria getting trapped. It reduces inflammation, and is able to reduce (and in some cases reverse) tissue damage caused by free radicals. Lemons antifungal, antibacterial, antimicrobial, astringent and antiseptic properties are great for the entire body. It increases immunity, relieves symptoms of allergies and is also a natural disinfectant.

We love so many different things about lemon!

Look for Lemon in Nourish’s Spot Treatment Nectar, and the Citrus Drop Bath Bomb.

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