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I Put a Spell on YOU

Fall deeper in love with yourself, I raise the opportunity to you ✨

LOVE POTION and LOVE SPELL are here! These Limited edition self love products will be available for purchase through February.

Love Potion is Nourish’s first ever aphrodisiac tincture. A blend of herbs were hand picked to bring you exactly what you’re looking for from this type of tincture. Kava, Damiana, Cacao and Rose are the highlights of this beautiful mixture.

Love Spell is our first Bath Tea Bath Bomb! The combination of cacao nib, red rose petal and raspberry leaf will infuse your bath water, bringing ultimate relaxation to your day. Rose and Vanilla essential oils enhance your senses and smell divine. Indulge in the ultimate bath experience with Love Spell.

…and don’t forget the CBD!

Melt into it 🌹

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