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Lavender Fields


Did you know lavender has 130 active compounds? That means that lavender can be used for relief from a wide variety of ailments! The versatility of lavender makes this essential oil so special.

Lets name a few:

🌿Relaxing and calming to the nervous system

🌿Anti inflammatory and anti septic properties

🌿Packed with antioxidants to help protect and purist your skin

🌿Combats anxiety, depression, restlessness, and insomnia

🌿Used on the skin to help reduce sun spots, help reduce acne, heal eczema, even out skin tone

🌿SOOTHE THE SKIN! 🌿Lavender is one of mildest essential oils, so you can apply the oil directly to the affected area. It can also be used in moderation with pregnant women and with children.

🌿Zaps the itch, soothes the sting and decreases the redness and swelling of bug bites 🌿Applying lavender oil to the skin, prior to bites, is an amazing natural bug repellent.

🌿Can reduce blood pressure and heart rate

🌿HUGE Stress reliever

🌿It smells divine and is known for it’s essence around the world

🌿Can help digestive issues


As you can see, there’s so much more to lavender than it’s sweet floral aroma. It has been used for it’s therapeutic properties for OVER 2500 years.

For all of the reasons listed above, Lavender essential oil is one of the main ingredients used in Nourish CBD products.

Only the best lavender oil makes it this far however. Only Therapeutic grade essential oils, cold pressed & organic plant oils are used in Nourish’s products.

We use the best, to give you the best.

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