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LOVE POTION the ins and outs

Updated: Aug 1

LOVE POTION. This tincture takes it in an all new direction, and we are SO excited to share more about it with you! Love potion is our all new aphrodisiac tincture . A combination of herbs known for enhancing sexual desire mix perfectly to bring a result of pure bliss. This combo includes Ashwaghanda, Maca, Damiana, Kava, Red Rose, Cacao, and a hint of vanilla and CBD. These ingredients were hand blended and infused into grain alcohol for maximum benefit. Some of the herbs in this beautiful tincture are also in the Love Spell Bath Tea Bomb. Those include Cacao, Red Rose and Vanilla. Let’s learn about the other herbs that hold space in this mix. KAVA provides a calming and relaxing feeling to the Central Nervous System. They contain ‘kavapyrones’ that act much like alcohol, bringing on the happy and calming sensations. Kava offers brain and cognitive support, and also helps with anxiety. It is an aphrodisiac, and helps with insomnia and other sleeping disorders. ASHWAGANDHA is a nervine, relieving stress and anxiety while simultaneously calming and energizing the body. It is great to lower blood sugars and fat, and also increases muscle and strength. Ashwagandha improves sexual function (especially in women!) and boosts testosterone and fertility in men. It sharpens focus and memory, holds anti cancer properties and aid’s in preventing Alzheimer’s. DAMIANA is great for boosting and maintaining physical stamina. It has been used by ancient tribes in South and Central America and the Caribbean for many many years. An Overall health Tonic is a very popular way to consume Damiana. It is an anti depressant and anxiety reducer, also calms the central nervous system. Damiana helps break down sugars and fats in the stomach to aid in digestion, and encourages the cleansing and digestive tract. It is a healthy mood booster and strong aphrodisiac. MACA is an adaptogen, and contributes to overall wellbeing and a healthy mood. Maca supports healthy energy and lower stress levels. It is an aphrodisiac, supports sexual function and fertility (especially in women) and helps keep metabolism in check. It can also balance hormones.

RASPBERRY LEAF increases energy and stamina, balances the mood, helps with mental clarity and stress relief. It also improves digestion and can reduce cravings.

CACAO is a natural mood elevator and anti depressant, is great for brain health, contains the highest amount of iron in any plant ever recorded, supports memory function and helps digest sugars and fats.

RED ROSE balances blood sugar levels, is great to soothe the stomach and provides support to the heart, lungs and digestive and reproductive systems. It also balances hormones and eases distressing emotions

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