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Self Care

Self care. What is it to you? What does it mean to you?

I think one of the most beautiful parts of self care is it’s shape shifting ability. Self care is never takes the form of just one thing, forever. Self care changes and morphs into what it needs to be for each individual. What I feel is self care, might not make your heart flutter, heal you or even be something you want to spend your time doing. What you feel is right for you may be right for you and no one else. Do you see the beauty in that? The beauty in individualism. The beauty in finding what brings you to that space. It can be a long drink of crystal clear cold water, cleansing the soul and hydrating your cells. It can take the form of dancing fiercely to move your mind through complication. It can be organizing your silverware drawer, or floating down a river with your dog. It can be laughing so hard you cry, or saying no when you need to. It can be standing on the shore line, letting water carve its path around your feet. It can be meditation, honoring your space by making it your own, making a promise to yourself and keeping it. It can be a hot bath with candles, a delicious glass of wine and that book you’ve been dying to finish. It can be working out and moving your body consistently. It can be getting your hands dirty and spending time with your garden or house plants. It can be taking long bike rides chasing the sun, it can be a massage that brings you to a different place. It could be a talk with someone you truly love and makes you happy. It could be taking the time to cook a special meal even if you’re the only one who will enjoy it. It could be spending time with people you love, and people who lite your fire. It could be getting out in nature, sitting with and around Pachamama’s breathtaking beauty. It could be picking up that old guitar, or dusting off those piano keys and making the music your soul speaks. It could be a long walk at the end of the day to process the previous hours. It could be sitting comfortably by a campfire, basking in the heat and flames. It could be simply getting sunshine on your skin. It could be choosing your food by hand, providing the nutrients your body is asking for and thrives best on. It could be recognizing when you’re tired, and taking a break. It could be stepping away from toxicity that can be found in both situation and relationship. It could be feeling the wind on your face as you breathe life into your lungs. It could be taking a day to be tired, to cuddle up with big blankets and just be. It could be cleaning your house and opening the windows wide, welcoming in a fresh breeze. It could be the overwhelmingly lovely feeling of fall, and the need to turn inward. It could be the need to simplify the amount of items in your possession. It could be learning to honor who you are. I’ve been doing a lot of the latter lately. I think honestly the best way to honor your own self care practice…. is to just do what speaks to your soul. Others can tell you, or set you down a particular path, but it is ultimately up to you to listen. Learn what you love, learn how you relax, learn what makes you feel whole, and what makes you feel spread thin, learn how much time you need for yourself, and how much you can give to others. Learn what makes you, you beautiful unique creation, tick.


Keep being the incredible beam of light you are.

Thanks for reading.

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