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Summer time Self Care tips

Enjoy the sunshine even more this year with these self care tips ✨🌻☀️

Self care during the warmer months of the year is key to maintaining a level head, to not feel too overwhelmed, and to feel in balance.

☀️Don’t overbook/over promise yourself. Making an overwhelming schedule never helped anyone. Stay in control and only put on your plate what your know you can digest and enjoy in a healthy way.

☀️Take advantage of the weather! get out and enjoy Mother Nature. Enjoy tactile experiences. Get out on the river, take that camping trip, climb that mountain, go somewhere you have never been before and do it with people (and dogs) you love.

☀️Take care of your skin and apply that sunscreen. Tan skin is way better than a sunburn!

☀️Slow down and be present. All we have is this moment right here, right now. Enjoy it!

Get outside and make memories today🌈

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