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Tulsi and Lions Mane Mushroom

Updated: Aug 1

What an interesting combo you say? I couldn’t agree more!

This synchrony of this specific fungi and herb is something very special.

Both Lions Mane Mushroom and Tulsi Holy Basil hold incredible therapeutic properties.

Here’s some benefits of Tulsi: -lowers stress and anxiety, blood sugar, cholesterol -promotes mental balance -packed with antioxidants -can aid in combating many cancers -aides in pain relief and inflammation -reduces swelling caused by arthritis -increases immune responses -huge cognitive boost -can slow down the growth of grey hairs Next.... Here’s some benefits of Lions Mane Mushroom: -aides in general Brain health -huge neuro-protective agent -can help protect against memory loss -may improve cognitive function -may improve mood and focus -fights inflammation -may speed up recovery from nervous system injuries -boosts the immune system -supports a healthy heart -may combat against cancer -can help slow down the progression of many neuro-degenerative diseases

When used together, Tulsi and Lions Mane Mushroom will keep your immune system in tip top shape, while providing lasting brain health and increased brain function. These two amazing ingredients provided by Mother Earth are combined with CBD in Nourish’s latest tincture.

As we all travel through life, it is so important to provide your body with preventative care. This Tincture is something that will provide your body lasting benefits and can keep you healthier for longer. Your body does nothing but serve you, say thanks TODAY with Nourish's Lion Mane and Tulsi Holy Basil Tincture #brainboost #morningtincture #cbdproducts #cbdlife #cbdhealth #natural #lionsmanemushroom #tulsi #herbalmedicine #wellness #cbdforthepeople #holistichealth #plantmedicine #herbalist #herbalism #cbd #plantbased #medicinalplants #infused #cbdoil #hemp #cbdtincture #healing #herb #herbalextract #health #medicinalherbs

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