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Welcome to Nourish

Updated: Aug 1

Hi! My name is Kaitlyn Duffey, and I’m the Founder of Nourish.

I’m honored that you have chosen Nourish to be a part of your wellness and well-being.

My background is in Massage Therapy, Aromatherapy and self taught Herbalism. I’m passionate about curating healing, rejuvenating moments for my clients. I started Nourish because I believe everyone deserves to live a life where pain management is not just a glimmer of hope, but a true reality. I have blended my CBD body and wellness products to a have positive lasting impact on your health, and they are a natural way to consistently give your body the care it deserves.

The ingredients I have combined with CBD are organic, cold pressed plant oils and therapeutic plant oils that have beautiful health benefits. This heightens the healing and medicinal properties of each and every Nourish product. Each ingredient chosen is sourced as locally as possible, with sustainability at the top of my list. Every single product is handmade with love, and the hope to bring some relief into your everyday routine.

Nourish CBD is located out of Denver, Colorado.

The Nourish CBD Promise

Our company is dedicated to holistic products that promote a healthy lifestyle. Because of that commitment, we make a promise to all of our customers about our products:

  • Natural Organic Ingredients

  • Locally Sourced Isolate CBD

  • 100% Cruelty Free

  • Sustainable Practices

  • Hand-Crafted with Love

Thank you for checking us out, and supporting small! I hope that you’re able to find exactly what you’re looking for!

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