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What is CBD salve?

Updated: Aug 1

Nourish Salve used topically is great to use on targeted areas! The formulation of this salve locks into receptors underneath our skin to block pain. It also helps soothe the skin, increase healing and promotes cellular rejuvenation. When blended together a magical symphony is born. That symphony is brought to you by yours truly, Nourish CBD.

We have three different types of salves:

Cooling Muscle Salve - kick your pain to the CURB. Organic menthol and essential oils combine with CBD to bring your muscles comfort and relief from pain

Tattoo Recovery Salve - throw out your burn and pain cream...this salve is your ALL PURPOSE, multi use, a little goes a LONG way, save you daily kinda salve. This salve will help with cuts, abrasions, bruises, burns, scrapes, pain, bug bites, ingrown hairs, acne, blemishes, razor burn, sunburns, headaches…you name it and this salve will help!

Respiratory Vapor Salve - formulated as a holistic version of the vapor salve we all grew up with. This salve is all natural but still has a kick of organic menthol to bring the cooling effect to your chest, penetrating deep down to encourage the lungs to open and heal.

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