Every ingredient, every product, every therapeutic benefit is curated and chosen with YOU in mind

Nourish CBD was founded on the belief that people should have access to holistic products that are reliable and consistent. Nourish is committed to bringing pure, quality CBD and ingredients to all who use our products.

We focus on the Herbal component of our products just as much as the CBD. The ingredients in Nourish are sourced as naturally and locally as possible. Organic plant oils, bontanics, herbs and essential oils combine with Isolate CBD to bring you a product that your body will thank you for time and time again. Education about the ingredients in these products, along with knowledge about how CBD, is something Nourish strives to be known for just as much as the products we stand behind. 

The creator of nourish has a background in massage therapy. Creating CBD products with this background of the body and treatments gives Nourish a unique platform that is not common in the CBD industry. The love for the body and the want to help all live a healthier life free of pain is why Nourish exists. 

Some Words from the Creator of Nourish...

From the Hands of a Healer

“Creating Nourish CBD is something that has been in my blood for a long, long time. I grew up in the beautiful foothills of Lakewood, Colorado. With the rocky mountains just a jaunt away, I was raised to enjoy nature and also to appreciate it. Growing up,  I would always be curating body scrubs, mixing potions and elixirs, picking herbs and flowers to grind together and mix into lotions or oils. Often times these ingredients were from my own backyard. I was lucky to grow up with a mother who adores gardening, and she passed her green thumb along to me. My love of watching things grow and flourish, and the knowledge behind what these herbs and plants can do for our bodies really sparked a fire inside of me that has never be dimmed. I have always been fascinated by the human body, and how simple acts can impact our health in a huge way. Learning the properties of herbs and plants and using them to heal my own body and the bodies of others has been a driving force behind who I am. I harnessed my passion for healing the body into massage therapy, which will always be my first love.”

“In the massage world was when I realized how incredible CBD can be for human beings. I watched for some time as CBD helped my clients, and they would leave the session feeling better than ever.

This is where Nourish was born.

My idea to bring CBD together with plant and herb oils, to enhance healing, encapsulates Nourish CBD.”

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