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Peace Bath Tea

Peace Bath Tea

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Peace is a blend that will bring serene tranquility to your day. Herbs that naturally calm your mind and nervous system come together to bring you a blissful bath experience. Himalayan Rock Salt is added to this divine mixture to help your body absorb more of the benefits of the herbs it is coupled with. The delightful aroma of Lavender Essential Oil ties these bath bonantics up into a perfect package of the exact recipe needed to shift your mind from stress to peace.


Transform your bath into a tea and steep your body in the deliciously beneficial water. Each Botanical Bath Tea is infused with a certain intention. The herbs used are blessed before being blended and each tube is curated by hand to encapsulate that intention. 


Ingredients: 60 mg CBD, Calendula, Hops, Coconut Milk, Epsom Salt, Himalayan Rock Salt, Chamomile, Lavender, Calendula Oil, Arnica Oil, Lavender Essential Oil

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